/wooly trousers


Just what I need; more navy pants! I completed the muslin for these back in October. Seriously. And for some reason I called that post 'to prove I'm not procrastinating'. Bahahah. Riiiiight. 

Here's the pattern from Burda Style Magazine. A pretty good fit. I ended up not taking the waist in to give it a little bit of a paper bag-y look, because unlined skintight wool gabardine is so not an excellent idea. I would definitely go down a size if I were using a cotton twill, but I thought the gab draped nicely and slouch-ily in this size.

I tried out lots of pairs of shoes with these, and concluded that they can only be worn with heels. Meh.

I tucked a little orange lining fabric into the waistband and top pocket pieces. This photo looks crazy because I was shining a 100 watt light from like two feet away. The overcast basically never goes away in the PNW. I must compensate by washing everything out with bright lights!

The pearly (fake-out) back pocket buttons are from my a collection given to me by my grandma. Apparently, she bought them for 25 cents at a place named Henderson's and labeled them "for C's green sweater". C is my mom, and she doesn't have any recollection of a green sweater... I wonder if my grandma had the same unfinished project syndrome as I do?

Oh, hey Nigel. Please get your white fur away from my pants.


  1. I like the orange on the inside. I like how the pleats go to the center on these. The opposite way makes for some not so hot FUPA action.

  2. They came up really nice! Good work. I'm yet to try making trousers for myself. Maybe one for the 2011 to-try list.


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