/lounge day


first matter of lounging:

I made these granny square slippers a while ago from a Purl Bee tutorial, and get a ton of use out of them. As evidenced in the picture below, I was lounging around in them earlier today (as I was working on a new little blog header- more to come!).

They're a cheery and simple middle-of-the-winter project you can even hook out of leftovers if you'd like!

There is a really good warmth/ventilation ratio going on with these, which is probably why I like them so much. I'll admit they look a little old and granola in real life (everything looks exponentially more attractive in Purl Bee photos), but they've got a certain charm, right?

the lower third of that photo brings me to the second matter of lounging:

Sweatpants. I understand that most of you will think I'm a schlep for doing so, but tonight I wore sweatpants out to dinner.
They're not just any sweatpants however, they're the best sweatpants ever.

-I just realized how gross the word 'sweatpants' probably sounds to British readers. Ew. Sorry, but I'll need to keep using it because 'lounge trousers' is the only possible solution I can come up with and that sounds weird too.-

I would be hesitant to claim any expert knowledge on the subject of sweatpants, since these are my second and third pairs I've ever owned. But seriously. This poly/cotton/rayon fleece is like a miracle soft pant fabric, so drapey but not clingy.

These were the first offenders; j.crew's ultra-knit pant. It seemed simple enough, loungey pants were in order and these looked nice.

I'm sorry I underestimated you ultra-knit. I wear you so often that I needed a pair for the times you were in the wash, and for the times I had to leave the house. You made me want to be a hermit forever, ultra-knits.

These are what resulted. The out-to-dinner pants, aka the j.crew ultra-knit un-sweatpants.
Again, so soft they make your two months unshaven legs feel as soft as a baby's forearm. (Don't worry about me, I have very fine hair.)

If anyone finds it unbelievable that one could be so dramatic about sweatpants without primetime sponsorship, you have obviously never experienced the ultra-knit. Or you've never heard me talk about pastries and/or loungewear.
: )

I'll leave with a fabulous song regarding the apparent antithesis of my current fashion obsession.


  1. Lovee the new header. I can imagine that drawing pad must be addicting!

    P.S. My phone has crapped out...been wanting to call you...we should have a crafting partaa soon!

  2. Sweatpants!!! Are you getting a north face to match? ;-) How much was yer pad? I want one.


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