/bleach dipped tank


So, I made Grainline's Tiny Pocket Tank. Mostly because her version is the coolest ever. THAT FABRIC!

Mine was made with a light pink lightweight cotton twill (that I got in this shipment!) as a muslin - at first. Then, before trying it on I got way too excited about dipping it in bleach and subsequently wearing it every day into eternity. The reverse dye job turned out perrrrfectly! I love so many things about it, but unfortunately when I did try it on, I realized that it doesn't fit me.

I cut out a size 10, which according to measurements would have been (and almost was) a good fit. Just two things:
1) The problem with a lot of good patterns is that they fail to recognize the existence of gravity.
If you know what I mean. So next time I'll be moving those darts downward.
2) I'll also be making it a few inches longer to accommodate my torso.
emily : torso :: giraffe : neck

I think it would be beneficial to use a more fluid fabric too. I'm thinking crepe de chine, challis or a nice cotton/silk blend like the original.

Really though, it's been so long since I made this one that I might just scrap this style altogether and jump on the Colette Sorbetto bandwagon. Pretty sure I'm convinced after seeing this one from Jaimielee.

Wait a minute, did I mention my recent acquisition of my very first Colette patterns?! Welp, it's no lie:

I want to start a Macaron SO badly, but have once again committed myself to bridesmaids' dresses. This batch is super cute though, and so much so that I may want one too!
Uh oh.

until next time,

/on its way!


Look! I was hanging out on Amazon and decided to check up on the BurdaStyle book, to discover that it not only has an official release date (November 1st), but a pretty cover! What the what? The cover proves that yes, the skirt I made will be included somewhere in its pages!

You see, I was a little (read:very) weary about my skirt, because it was made in a frenzy last summer during the same week of the bridesmaids' dress nightmare. On someone else's sewing machine. Yikes. I do love most things about it though.

Anyway, I feel like secret keeping and being sneaky, so I'm going to wait until I get a copy to say which one is mine...

image via Amazon

Feel free to take a guess! (That is, unless I already told you.)

Here's the official announcement about the book from last summer in case you missed it!

/birthday stuff.


 I had a birthday this week! As you can see, I had the absolute best pre-birthday cake ever, not really a cake but a GIANT MAPLE BAR! When we picked it up from the doughnut shop, we were told that we "definitely had the biggest doughnut in town right now." I'll take it.

On my actual birthday, I woke up to find that I had been featured on BurdaStyle! What a great birthday present! You can click through to read my interview & look at the silly pictures accompanying it.

Later, I was treated to an amazing dinner with my family at one of my favorite restaurants, (it's in the woods and by the lake, of course it's my favorite) and wore my cotton & silk pajama top that I made last summer. 

This just in: a top that was meant to be pajamas is actually dressier than most things I wear. 
Is it just me, or is my closet is trying to tell me something?

There's been a lot of sewing going on around here, so stay tuned in case I ever get photos of these things!

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