/knit scout tee dress


I'd been meaning to make this dress since February 2012 (I just looked it up, that's when I ordered this Liberty knit for a steal at $10 from Julia at Rennes' Yard Sale!). The Scout sew-along on Kollabora gave me the bright idea to use the Scout Woven Tee pattern from Grainline to get it done. It was so quick, I'm telling you.

I love it because it is a true 24/7 garment.

house dress
Throw it on, ready for company.

day dress
When it's warm.

layering piece
I wore it with my denim vest today (but what don't I wear with my denim vest?).
Could also wear with leggings, boots, most things in my closet.

Yes, definitely a nightgown, too.

It makes me think of some of my favorite Dr. Dog lyrics (Where'd All the Time Go), "She gets dressed up like a pillow, so she's always in bed," which I find to be my dressing philosophy more every day. In the song, I'm pretty sure they're talking about either a nurse or a depressed person (??), but don't worry, I'm neither of these things!

 necklace: Native Clutter

Last, I will take every opportunity to say that my coverstitch machine makes life so easy. Turn, stitch, BEAUTY! If you can't stop sewing with knits, I promise this machine is worth it!

/happy fourth!


Happy Fourth of July to all who are celebrating - it's not difficult with all the sunshine in the Northwest right now! Now that it's late afternoon and past burning time, I think I'll spend the rest of the day outside reading and likely pulling a few pesky weeds.

Unfortunately, the most patriotic project I've made recently has not been properly photographed, but here's a little preview!

I just realized that I have yet to claim my blog on Bloglovin, so here we go. I hope none of you were too traumatized by the loss of Google Reader!
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Also, a song for today.

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