/cropped denim vest


I hadn't noticed it much before, but this year there was no escaping The Refashioners! There was denim allllll up in my Instagram feed. For weeks. I loved it. 
 I had done another denim refashion a while ago (oh boy, this post is SO OLD - I may regret this link), so I could obviously get on board with it. There's always learning in taking apart RTW, so no matter how the refashion ended up, there was still something to gain!

I decided right away to comb my closet, not second hand stores for denim, as I love making what I own last. These jeans were on their very last leg. I bought them my junior year of university, which I realized was about 8 years ago now (yikes). I had hemmed them a couple of times and by estimation, probably darned/repaired the crotch/thigh area 10-12 times over the years.

I copied the basic pieces of a favorite denim jacket of mine to keep it classic. Then I cropped it, altered the hem band length so I could use the waistband of the jeans, and lowered the armscyes for range of movement and so I can wear a variety of tops under it. 

To me, the best part of refashioning is that you can make a plan, but new ideas always come up once the original garment is taken apart. Here, I didn't know how much I'd like the dark areas under the back pockets, but once I removed the pockets, I knew they were meant for a contrast yoke!

Railroad stripe scraps and copper jeans buttons to finish!
It's an everyday kind of piece for me, and I'm super happy to continue to get use out of these jeans.

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