I'm back, hoping you've had a great Christmas & New Year! These last couple weeks have been insanely busy. Come to think of it, between visiting friends, housesitting and vacation, in the last 2 1/2 weeks I've slept in my own bed twice. I have a feeling this is what lead to my multi-disaster Christmas...

casualty #1: skirt for sister.

This one was sad, but may still be fixable for her birthday so I can't elaborate too much. Just picture this skirt  looking super cute in really great fabric, with a giant hole down the front. Cool.

casualty #2: Buche de Noel.

I was soooo excited about this yule log. It had NUTELLA in the filling! And toasted almonds!
And was forgotten in the fridge while packing up all the food to bring to Christmas at my Aunt's.
Eventually it found its way to my sister and brother-in-law's house and was eaten with good friends. It was allegedly "delicious" "tasty" "soooooo good!". Psh.

I promise I am not all about complaining. Lots of good things happened too! Among them...

Good thing #1: This was present from my friend Megan (whatup, Meg!). One of my favorite teas ever (Coconut Black) and a mug from my favorite bakery in Seattle. She knows me too well. I've been using it every day possible.

Good thing #2: I started to teach myself to knit last night! I have been wanting to for way too long without doing anything about it. First, this garter stitch. I've moved on to the stockinette stitch, rib, checkerboard and watched a video on doing cables, but will wait a few days before putting that into action. Anyone know of a good first project?

In other news:

The day after I finished two pairs of mittens for my mom and sister, BurdaStyle posted a contest called Handmade Holiday sponsored by ModCloth. They asked members to post accessories they'd made as presents and link to something you could wear with them from ModCloth. I thought I might as well post a pair of the mittens, right? Well, the ModCloth editors have picked their favorite 25 (out of 206! yeah, I went and looked.) accessories and I made it in somehow!

Here's the link to my mittens, and the other fantastic finalists. There are actually a few people out there who have voted for my project!


  1. knitting!! How did you get a hole in the skirt? bummer.

  2. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
    And wow good job teaching yourself how to knit! :)



  3. You should make the cable hat from Twinkle's Big City Knits. It is a good first project because you can make it in like 2 hours. The library probably has it!

  4. @renee - the hole... I was taking out basting stitches with my fingers/seam ripper in the same hand. it took some force and when they finally came loose, my hand (with seam ripper) went flying into the skirt front. seriously?!

    and that book looks great! I haven't been to the b'ham library in probably over a decade, but they have it & all the other Twinkle books!! Wenlan is awesome. i want to be like her.

    @cassie - thanks! all it took was a couple hours hunched over the computer :)


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