Summer is finally here!
Really. We've just started to get summer weather in the Pacific Northwest in the past week.
Thankfully, I had a chance to escape to warm Minneapolis for two and a half weeks this month! (Well, not so thankful by the end of the trip- way. too. hot.)

We shopped. We ate. We attended sporting events and did all sorts of other touristy things.
There was also an outing involving a rental car and a GIANT fabric warehouse (I have since had dreams about this place. More to come).

 Before departure, I decided to procrastinate big time on the bridesmaids' dresses I should have been working on. After a week of mad sewing and a ton of silk crepe de chine, I'm done with 4 of 5 fully lined dresses! Hoooooooooooey.
If you sew, you'll probably be able to recognize the pattern I used right away. Kind of a popular one. (Simplicity 2360)
Hopefully I'll get a hold of some shots from the wedding so you can get the full effect!

worry not, I fixed that pesky shoulder seam!

Tonight is for grading the pattern for the fifth dress and refreshing my friendship bracelet making skillz for Grainline's friendship swap! This will be good. If you haven't already, you should join in on the fun too- but do it before tomorrow (July 29) at midnight!

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