/at laaaaast, my tablet!


Hooray! I've been wanting a tablet for AGES, and I finally found and won (errr, bought) one on eBay. It's a Wacom Bamboo Fun tablet, size medium. See that pen? IT'S MAGICAL. It draws, it paints,
 Good for a lady like me who's got a  limited knowledge of graphic design, but still likes to personalize things.

I think this style went out of production, but then again I got a deal.

 The main reason for wanting this was to do illustrations. My first couple of freehand tries were okay, but for now I'm trying to train myself by doing tracings. Primitive, to say the least- but super fun! Don't mind me while I'm completely engrossed with this for the next, um, few weeks.

original: the row via knightcat


This Is The Lamest: Dave Matthews Is The New Face Of John Varvatos 

via Refinery 29, via WWD


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  1. Congrats on getting a tablet! I might have to consider purchasing one as well.



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