/diagonal pullover


I finished my diagonal pullover a few weeks ago and have worn it a few times. It's just alright. I sort of knew all along that I probably needed to make it a size larger to get the oversized look I like so much.
I'm hoping that I'll be able to block it a little larger, but really have no idea if that will work with this yarn. (Suggestions?)
Another thing; the sleeves are a little short. Since I naturally push everything with long sleeves up near my elbows, I'm considering adding ribbed cuffs to facilitate this and solve the scant sleeve problem.

Oops. I just realized that it's super annoying when a blogger goes on about everything that's wrong with something they just finished when they should usually be giving themselves a pat on the back!

What I do love about this sweater is the way it seams together like it's on the bias. That aspect combined with the drape of the yarn make it pretty enjoyable to wear. I would definitely consider making another sweater in this yarn (Lion Brand Cotton Ease) because it washes easily, is affordable and I am sensitive to wool.
And it's all knit in one piece, making it the perfect beginner's sweater.
I am truly a sweater beginner and never imagined I'd have the patience to finish something like this. (I started it a while ago!) It's a good feeling!

Nigel likes to interrupt when the timer is ticking and I just can't ignore him. This is the only candid shot I don't look terrifyingly insane in.

/gettin' to knittin'


So, I am super excited that it's Fall. Finally.
I'm already planning pumpkin picking, cider making (a.k.a. pulling the crank on the cider machine at the orchard, I'm not that fancy.) and knitting projects!

Though I've been sporadically knitting through the summer, now it's really time to get to business.
Shuffling through things I've favorited on Ravelry, these were the standouts:

clockwise from top: Fjord by Jenny Gordy for Brooklyn Tweed, Forester by Michele Wang for Brooklyn Tweed, Twistin' the Night Away by Susan Menashe

diagonal mesh pullover by Lion Brand, Cocoon and Me Cowl by Rose Beck

 ... and I want to make ALL OF THEM!

Full disclosure: The second sweater is here because I'm almost done with it, and I'll need to be able to say I finished something on this list. It's entirely possible that it will turn out too small, but we will see.

Notice they're ALL grey/white? I swear I'm really more exciting than this- and will make at least one item in a colour.

And on to the real reason for this post; does anyone out there have more knitting pattern suggestions? Crochet? I feel like it's so difficult to sift through and find the good ones sometimes!

/baby aviator


I made (and love) a hat.
It is mini.

Also, I've been away for far too long and wanted to say hello!
It's been a little crazy in the sewing room lately because I am into another round of bridesmaids' dresses, so I've been trying to take knitting breaks (I call them "knitting breaks" even though they are really "television breaks". This is a technicality) as often as possible.

I needed to make something for an awesome kid's first birthday, and after sifting through countless cute baby things, this is what I found.
A baby aviator hat.

The pattern: Regan Baby Aviator Hat
Note: If you are a Friday Night Lights  fan, you'll want to click and check out the pattern designer's name. Things like this entertain me.

The ravelry page: here

After sewing on the buttons, realized that I am a horrific baby project planner. This thing is for a baby, yet it has buttons (worry not, I sewed them down real tight) and is made of scratchy wool. I still need to add an organic bamboo knit lining so the baby's parents won't assume I'm trying to give the little guy a skin condition.

I used (Cascade 220) leftover from my stormy turban WHICH, completely coincidentally, has been named Project of the Week over at Kollabora! There's a flattering little write-up on their blog with some suggested materials and design ideas. Thanks, Kollabora! I totally appreciate it.

I hope everyone enjoys their weekend and the first days of fall!

/canadian cheer


Last weekend, I ventured down South to Victoria, B.C. (Yep, it is South of where I live in the States.) Of course you can't go to Vancouver Island without visiting Butchart Gardens; which was previously a limestone quarry made into some of the most beautiful gardens in the world.

Thought I'd post just a few of my favorite blooms & spread some summer cheer!

/butterfly shorts


I'll start at the beginning.
The year was 1998. (I'm pretty sure of this.) I was starting up sewing lessons and given free reign over the entire fabric store to choose something appropriate for my first official class project, the drawstring bag. Naturally, I chose this periwinkle butterfly print twill; unabashedly 90's mall girl.

Of course, I couldn't stop there. I had to have this sweet print in each colour available so I went for the hot pink as well.

Fourteen years later, I made a pair of shorts.
Yes, when I wear these the first place my mind goes is the wall of butterfly hair clips at Claire's, but that's not necessarily a bad thing.

Wore them to do some gardening, because they needed a wash anyway. Who'd have thought there would be so many opportunities to wear pink butterfly shorts?
Wait. Obviously, my sixth-grade self.

/oh hey, summer!


There's a reason people say that summer in the PNW doesn't start until July 5th,
because it's completely true.
Thankfully, everyone's favorite season (except mine) arrived an entire day early this year and the 4th was pretty spectacular too!

Not only did the sun arrive, but I also get to make my first warmer weather knitting project - thanks to kollabora! I'm starting to really dig this site. I entered their first contest and won a kit to make a great sweater! Unsure of my knitting skills and endurance, I've been afraid to invest in enough yarn for a sweater forever. Free is a pretty good reason to take the dive, I think. Here's to hoping it turns out!

/curved hem


Oh hey! It's me again- remember? The girl who hasn't blogged in four months?

I figured it was about time to get back to writing in this space!
Right now I have a little curved hem action for you.

I suppose they're usually referred to as high-low hems, and you have probably seen them around. Because they have been aroooound  lately.
Here are some of my favorites:

Daryl Shirt by Ilana Kohn, Townson Top at Need Supply Co., Parrot silk dresss by Beyond the Valley

You know those things you buy that you know don't fit or look super great, but you get them anyway because you believe you're some altering/styling wizard that gets these things done overnight?

That explains this oversized men's shirt I bought last year. It remained on my garment rack for many, many months.
Something had to be done. Something quick, so I could just get it over with already.

Let me tell you, this was a super swift makeover. Faster than lightning.

You'll need a French curve, which looks like this:

1) Choose and mark your high (center front) and mid (side) points, measuring to make sure the side points are equal. You may want to do this while wearing the shirt, so you don't end up exposing half your ribcage. (Unless you want to- that's cool too.) Be sure to factor in a seam allowance; in this case 1/2" is perfect for a simple rolled hem.
Lay the shirt flat and position the French curve to taste. Mark the curve where it meets the CF and side point with a dry-erase marker or one of those overhead pens. Match the markings on the curve at the same points on the opposite side, making a mirror image.

2) Turn the shirt over to the back side. Match side points same as front and mark the center back near the hem. Repeat the marking process with the French curve.

3) Cut away, and hem!
I did a little rolled hem. In case you need a bit of a refresher, Jen at Grainline explains an easy roll hem very nicely here.

I have to admit, this is one trend I am totally behind. On a classic button-down, it might just stand the test of time!

/ valentines for valentine's


I was sure I didn't have any Valentine's-themed pictures for you today, but found this deep in the bowels of my external hard drive! Some of you will recognize your cards from a few years ago. :)

In case you didn't notice or weren't sure, yes.
Those are indeed Jonas Brothers references.

I will now go and watch the Downton Abbey Christmas Special, which I've heard has some pretty good Valentinesey stuff in it!

Love to you all!

/icebox chicken salad


During college, my absolute favorite lunch spot was a tiny neighborhood grocery and cafe called the Icebox. First of all, the owner was the most genuinely friendly woman and fantastic cook you ever did come across in a neighborhood grocery & cafe. Second, she made the best chicken salad I had (and have) ever tasted. Roasted chicken, Gorgonzola, walnuts, balsamic vinegar, and without mayonnaise. Don't get me wrong- I probably enjoy mayo more than the average person, but this chicken salad was what they call, somethin'. It was just dreamy.
In fact, dreamy enough that I am still dreaming about it three years later and decided that I had better improvise.

Thought I'd hearken back to my earlier blog days and post this super simple recipe that, tastes (amazingly) quite like the chicken salad I remember!

balsamic gorgonzola chicken salad

mix together in a bowl:

2 chicken breasts, cooked and shredded
3-4 T. good balsamic vinegar
3-5 T. extra virgin olive oil
1/3 C finely crumbled Gorgonzola
1/3 C toasted, chopped walnuts
fresh cracked pepper to taste

Serve it on salad greens or in a sandwich.

please note: This is definitely best served in a croissant, so you won't have to worry about missing out on those extra mayo calories.


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