/cabled hat no.2


Oh, I hope everyone had a great Christmas! Mine was really fantastic. I'll admit I have a lot of catching up do do around these parts after spending the better part of December party planning and gift making/buying, but I'll begin with...

Another cabled hat! This time I bought a skein of Cascade Magnum, for the sole purpose of making a red hat. It looked like fluffy red cotton candy before I knit it up, which is a bonus.

I made the shorter version of this pattern. It was still longer than I wanted, so I just wear it with the ribbing flipped up. Crisis averted.

I've actually been done with this for weeks, but thought I'd get better photos before posting. I should have known that would never happen with everything Christmas going on. So, you get an awkward photo of me adjusting my hat wearing a crazy looking cowl. 
Note: The cowl has since stretched out and is looking much more drapey, which convinced me to make three more of them as Christmas presents! The absolute best zone out in front of the TV project ever. I recommend.

It's been unseasonably warm here, so this hat hasn't been too useful yet. Soon I'll be going on the annual post-Christmas trip when I get to do my once a year cross country skiing adventure, and will certainly be wearing this guy. That is, if my mom doesn't steal it from me first. (I'll be watching my back, mom.)

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