/beachy archer popover


I made this popover at the end of February, after I saw and promptly ordered this Steven Alan striped shirting from Mood. Upon the fabric's arrival, this shirt immediately popped into my brain (pun so intended) and subsequently out of my sewing machine. Unfortunately, it was still February and as you can see, nothing about this shirt says 'February in Washington'. I get more of a summertime 60's California beach vibe from it, but I think that's the stripes and coconut buttons talking. I could definitely hang with the Beach Boys in this thing.

You probably already guessed that this is yet another Grainline Archer shirt; complete with the hotly anticipated (by me) popover placket variation. I noticed this style when it started showing up at j.crew a few years ago, and now I'm seeing them everywhere, including many sewers' closets; Yuzukat's awesome chambray version (you know I'm going there soon), this beautiful bright white staple from Crafty Little Bugger, and from Oh She Dabbles, a cuuuute floral sleeveless version. I'll take one of each.

Here's the back, no big deal. My only regret is that it slipped my mind to place the stripes on the yoke horizontally. Just personal preference. When cutting, I get into a stripe-matching groove and apparently cannot stop. If I write it down here, I won't forget next time... or so I hope!

Regardless of the yoke misstep, I was very happy to add this to the rotation this Me Made May. Hopefully I'll get to channel my inner 60's Beach Gal in California this summer, too!
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