/if EVERYBODY jumped off a bridge, would you do it too?


No. I might not jump that bridge, but I would make these adorable mini-bloomers from Colette patterns that nearly every person with a sewing blog has made.

You wouldn't even have to dare me.

Then I'd take horribly lit photos of them and post them to the internet.

Sweetwater for Moda #5425

These babies are just so painfully adorable, how could I resist? (They make excellent Christmas gifts!)

Chloe's Closet for Moda #15479


  1. Yours are adorable :) I've managed to resist, then again, I put everything one the back burner... I still haven't touched my would-be parka!!

  2. I love your fabric choices! I think I'll make some more, mine are so comfy

  3. @Jaimielee- your parka = my pants. for real.

    @Britt- Thanks so much! I definitely need to make some for myself now... they're so quick AND I get to pick out fun quilting prints (gasp!).


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