/eggplant baguettes


Earlier this week, I made decided to make mini-baguettes. From them came a sandwich. It was kind of out of control, so I made it again today (I par-baked the extra breads and froze them so they could be hot, toasty & fresh later). It was just as good, if not better- although I’m out of spinach today.  Boo.

I trust that most everyone knows how to make a mean sandwich, but in case you're fresh out of ideas and would like some eggplant in your life (and I think you would), here’s how I did it:

noooo! it's missing spinach today :(

eggplant baguettes: (four)

2 mini baguettes, cut in half
English cheddar (or any pungent/sharp cheese you like) I LOVE CHEESE.
1 eggplant

garlic-herb mayo:

about ¼ C mayonnaise
3 cloves garlic, sliced & pan toasted w/ olive oil (I did this before frying the eggplant & spinach in the same pan so the garlicky taste goes into everything!)
2 big pinches dried greek oregano
2 big  pinches dried rosemary
fresh ground pepper
1-2 squirts lemon juice

Slice the eggplant lengthwise into four 1” slices, then half lengthwise. Sprinkle with salt & pepper, then pan fry in olive oil. Brown on each side and remove from pan. Turn down the heat and add a couple tablespoons of water to the pan. Add a few big handfuls of spinach. Cover with a lid four a couple minutes until it’s wilted.
Put everything in the bread! I like to put the mayo on both sides. 

so. good.

/knit dress


I finished my first entirely knit dress! And BONUS: in time to enter in the contest it was intended for! From two dearly loved sweatshirts and one unidentified garment (last post), I now have a very comfy dress.

The pattern is adapted from one I made Junior year of college, but in that case the 'shrug' pieces were hand painted twill (not a knit). There also wasn't a giant waistband, and I remember a crazy serger mishap that sent the hemline into dangerous territory. Needless to say, I never wore that version.

sketch. I thought I'd have to use scraps once I got to the bodice (hence the stripes), but ended up being able to use the hood for the main bodice piece. I like the simpler look.
final product. After basting the original pleats, I switched them up to be a little more dramatic.

I decided to partially keep the pockets for detail on the back. I applied twill tape to the shoulder seams & back of neck, front neckline and sleeve edges.

I usually can't handle a v-shape in this area, but I acquiesced to the limitations on fabric. Goober.

        ...BUT I like the side seams! They echo the v-shape toward the front and help it not to look like a mistake.                       The back skirt panels used to be very worn-in sweatshirt sleeves. As you can see, the elbow area ended up hitting right underneath my butt. Cute.

This new and improved version is destined to be well-loved. I'm really starting to enjoy refashioning!

/fun fun contest & life lessons from the laundromat


Hooray for contests! I've recently decided to enter BurdaStyle's Project Runway Remake Challenge. The point of the whole thing is to carry out this season's first challenge on Project Runway, but instead of four hours (yeah right), entrants have two whole weeks to put together their garments! If you haven't been watching this season, the challenge was to re-create an existing garment into something completely new. I chose these two zippies from my sweatshirt graveyard and some crazy piece of knit that came (free? as a mistake?) with an American Apparel order a very long time ago. I think it was supposed to be a top?

the poor, old & defunct sweatshirts

then, a song about laundry! not literally.

urban outfitters, 2006. doomed by a jammed zipper.

gap, 2001. ribbed cuffs last seen circa 2005.


The Blues are Still Blue - Belle & Sebastian


 this is alex (she knows a thing or two about laundering her blues).

/sleepin' outfit


So, this post comes a little late considering I finished this set over a month and a half ago, but AH I was so busy then! The day before my sister's bachelorette "spajama party" (yeah, it was as good as it sounds), I decided to throw together the Jane pajama set from BurdaStyle with an awesome 60% silk/40% cotton blend. I figured if I'm going to go through the trouble, they'd better be at least slightly silky & luxurious. I sure was not going to wear a gross old tee and shorts (my normal nighttime attire) for massages, champagne, manicure & slumber at the gorgeous Chrysalis hotel, no way no how!

good for loungin', too.

 I was really glad about the top's versatility! I wore it with cropped black yoga pants during the spa treatments, threw on a high-waisted black pencil skirt & belt to go out for dinner, and into the matching shorts for sleepy time! I'll probably end up mostly wearing the top out and about, because my wardrobe is at a definite loss for dressy tanks.

The only pattern note I have about Jane is that I had to sew elastic into the upper back- it was poofing out like craaaazy. Uncool. I also utilized the rolled hem function on my serger for the first time on both pieces, and that was nothing short of glorious.

/lighten up, it's just fashion week


First, this video.

Thought I'd check in at the mid-point of fashion week. It's been four fantastic fashion-filled days, and I'm already wiped from clicking through each show on style.com & searching through the ones that fell through its (many) cracks.

The two most important questions I've asked thus far: Since when did Richie Rich go solo? (bad idea) And WHY is Ellen DeGeneres on a runway? I am so confused.

Here's a little rundown of what's been interesting to me so far, trend-wise. I don't get too specific here.

peter som

diane von furstenberg

derek lam

derek lam (again, couldn't choose between the two.)
charlotte ronson

adam (best pants thus far)

derek lam

cynthia rowley (more red pants! and the necklace reminds me of harmonicas!)

band of outsiders

jason wu


adam lippes has done it again. i'm kind of in love.

Lastly, you must also check out Ashleigh Verrier's Great Gatsby inspired presentation. She's always amazing. I found the best photos here

More to come once fashion week has finished, because I know there will be sheer amazingness and fun coming from Rodarte, Leifsdottir, Milly and Betsey, who will have her show streamed live from her website tomorrow! I'm IN.

/40's top & a song about knits


In Seattle, Labor Day weekend means one thing for people who like music: Bumbershoot. Unfortunately I'm not usually in Seattle then, but this year I was able to make to the festival it for one day! We had a nice leisurely schedule and were able to fit in Horse Feathers, Hey Marseilles, David Bazan, Hole and Weezer. And the last bit of Rise Against's set, but that left me frightened. Altogether, it was a fine musical adventure/spectacle (and I think we all know which band was the spectacle). Courtney Love (or Clo, as whoever runs this amazing site calls her) was everything we could have asked for. As for Weezer, I can't admit to liking much of their newer stuff, but they bring back some good memories from about 4th through 10th grades. It was about TIME I saw them, and sooooooo super wonderful! In that nostalgic spirit, I present to you Weezer's song about clothes, Undone (The Sweater Song).


While you're listening and have got nothing else to do, here's my new top! It's my first try at a vintage pattern or reissue (in this case, a 1940's reissue). Simplicity 3688, to be exact. While I like retro inspired looks, that's about it. I'd rather not look like I came straight out of the past, so I made this one with a gauzy printed cotton lawn instead of something silky and shiny. I love the weight of the fabric, and the vibrant colours of the flowers on the camel backround.

I cut and finished the pattern pieces for heading (little ruffles sewn into the shoulder seams that act as subtle shoulder pads), but I decided against them in the end.

The back has got a cute little keyhole & pink button. Other than that there were no closures to deal with, so it was super fun and easy to put this together!

Cutting mistake. I should really know better :(

The pants are definitely next on my list from this pattern. A woolen tweed or herringbone will be SO GOOD for fall!
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