/diagonal pullover


I finished my diagonal pullover a few weeks ago and have worn it a few times. It's just alright. I sort of knew all along that I probably needed to make it a size larger to get the oversized look I like so much.
I'm hoping that I'll be able to block it a little larger, but really have no idea if that will work with this yarn. (Suggestions?)
Another thing; the sleeves are a little short. Since I naturally push everything with long sleeves up near my elbows, I'm considering adding ribbed cuffs to facilitate this and solve the scant sleeve problem.

Oops. I just realized that it's super annoying when a blogger goes on about everything that's wrong with something they just finished when they should usually be giving themselves a pat on the back!

What I do love about this sweater is the way it seams together like it's on the bias. That aspect combined with the drape of the yarn make it pretty enjoyable to wear. I would definitely consider making another sweater in this yarn (Lion Brand Cotton Ease) because it washes easily, is affordable and I am sensitive to wool.
And it's all knit in one piece, making it the perfect beginner's sweater.
I am truly a sweater beginner and never imagined I'd have the patience to finish something like this. (I started it a while ago!) It's a good feeling!

Nigel likes to interrupt when the timer is ticking and I just can't ignore him. This is the only candid shot I don't look terrifyingly insane in.

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