/flowy floral tunic dress


Well, hello there! It has certainly been a while since I last felt the urge to post- probably mainly because of the loss of my one plain wall to a giant couch. But I'm back, super excited to show off the neglected part of the garden bed!

Also, this comfy dress I made:

The pattern is McCall's 6987, and man is it a TENT. Just my style. I did check the finished garment measurements before cutting, and approved. A 55 inch bust? Don't mind if I do. 57 inches at the hipline? IT SHALL BE MINE. Absolutely no fitting required, would look excellent on anyone!

Though I'd been planning this dress for a while to wear to a friend's wedding and it's quite simple, it was a giant feat to make. My doctor banned me from sewing for 3 weeks after I had been in a car accident (I'm totally ok now!), but if I didn't make a dress I would have had nothing to wear! You know, "nothing". Obviously, I made the dress. In very short spurts. Over a few days.

I'm not usually a floral girl, but I absolutely love this one and the colors in it. It's a viscose twill that I picked up on fabric.com, but it seems to have gone out of stock for the last time. I think this fabric went in and out of stock three or four times before I actually bit the bullet and added it to an order of necessities- it was inevitable!

The neckline is finished with self bias tape that I handstitched down. I used the invisible hem stitch on my machine to finish the sleeves and hem; keeping the fancy-factor up so it could be worn day or night, dressy or casual.

see?! TENT!

I was super excited about the prospect of wearing bell sleeves, even with the added complication of fitting them under coat sleeves. I'm happy to report that I wore this to another event last weekend and these giant, drapey viscose sleeves slithered right into the silk lining of my "dressy trench". It was glorious! Added bonus: this works well as a long tunic worn with leggings... maybe even jeans, too (GASP!).

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