/grandma's mini quilt


This is nothing new, but I realized that I'd never shared this mini-quilt/wall hanging that I made a couple years ago.

My grandma lives in assisted living nearby, so when we go visit we sometimes change up her decor with the seasons. This one is her spring/summer wall hanging and cheers up her room quite well.  I'd hoped that putting this little guy together would give me the confidence to make a full-sized quilt, but that has not happened yet. Hahah. It's still the only thing I've ever tried to quilt. So sad. (If you could see the binding corners up a little closer, it would be even more sad.)

I was completely inspired by this Liberty mini quilt on the Purl Bee and followed their instructions to a T, hoping not to mess it all up. I do wish I had left a little less negative space and bought a few more printed fabrics, though. Retrospect, what can you do?

This thing is hand quilted, but only very minimally, around the circles. I love how the fabric dimples with big hand stitches, which you can see better on the plain back of the quilt.

 The back is pretty boring (alright for a wall hanging) but does make me want to experiment with nuanced neutral quilts and more intricate hand quilting in the future.

Maybe I'll do another mini quilt that actually involves piecing and see how I like that before I tackle a big one for my bed. I loved the entire mini quilt series that Purl Bee did last year, and there are always more crazy good quilts to drool over by way of Pinterest. If you've seen any amazing quilts lately, please share the goodness!

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