/french pumpkins (I did my nails again)


Base is Butter London in Jaffa, green glitter is super old from Bath & Body works and surely out of production. You'll find lots if you search "green sparkle nail polish" though!

Not the most attractive manicure of all time, but festive. Festive is what counts!

/(grey) cotton lace top


I finally have a few photos of the finished lace top! I went with the grey, which I knew would turn out light but only had one box of dye. It's a actually a really nice shade and matches a tank I have almost perfectly, which I wore under it for a wedding.
(The wedding I was making a velvet Macaron for. Two words; not happening.)
I also wore my favorite yellow skirt and favorite shoes.
Nothing can go wrong with your outfit if you put all your favorites together- just my philosophy.
A philosophy with many holes, I know.

I took a little extra care while sewing this top, because it's lace- there are absolutely no raw edges, inside or out!
The side seams and under-sleeve seams are french.  I joined the raglan sleeves to the bodice wrong sides together, trimmed and concealed the allowance with twill tape. The sleeves, neck and hem were finished with twill tape as well. I have a ready-to-wear top that I love finished with twill tape, so I figured it might be nice on this guy too!

This top is already becoming a staple, considering there are so many ways to wear it! A trans-seasonal sort of thing for sure.



So, I usually try to make a point of not talking about projects I have started but might never (ever)  finish.
That's just embarrassing, right?

I must have extraordinary faith in my ability to finish this cotton lace top, because here it is; very unfinished and on the interwebs. This because I'm having a needy, insecure teenage-girl TELL ME I LOOK GOOD moment regarding its colour. The whole thing will be garment-dyed either pearl grey or tangerine, but I just can't decide which one! Cannot.

I'm leaning toward the grey because I really want to get red pants this season, but is that really going to happen? The tangerine would be kind of amazing, not to mention wearable with all the jeans that I already have. 

Aspire to ownership of red pants, or be practical? As I said- quandary.

/last call tank


Okay, well yes- it is way too late to wear this tank by itself in my neck of the woods. I did make it (and a matching one for one of my sisters! adorable!) more than a month ago, so it had a little time in the sunshine.
It is THE softest fabric ever, a slinky knit I found at a giant fabric warehouse in Minnesota. I suspect it to be a modal/cotton blend.
So cozy that if I wore it during the day, I just keep it on for bed with some pajama shorts.

So simple, but I think if I tried to add anything else it would look silly with the print. The stripes are already broken up a bit.

I promise to do a better job with layering now that the temperature is in the 50's.
That scarf is really not going cut it.
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