/frivolity, for frivolity's sake


Oh hey, does anyone still come around here? It's been a while.
Anyway, I finally made some Colette Mini-Bloomers for myself! Mainly because they're fun to make, not because I'll ever wear them. Maybe in summer?

I found this print when I was searching for fabrics for my friends' bloomers, but I didn't think it was perfect for either of them. I only resisted buying this for myself at the time because it was Christmas. (You just don't buy things for yourself when you're Christmas shopping.) But when there was a sale at the fabric store, you know I went for it.

I just rifled through a bunch of scrap paper and found my notes about this fabric, for the fat chance someone is interested. It's from the Midwest Modern collection by Amy Butler for Rowan Fabrics. MEhhhhhh Amy Butler.

Lastly, my favorite part of projects that involve ribbons: pyro.

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