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AHHH! I've been waiting (what seems like) ages to post this dress (and more), because of computer death. So thank you, dear FedEx man. I really should have baked you treats for bringing me a new computer today, but there's probably some law that would prevent you from taking them anyway.

On to the dress. Wilma Flintstone. She's the first and only thing that came to mind when I bought this cotton, so the resulting garment had to be equally as Bedrock. I loved Simplicity 2250  by Cynthia Rowley at first sight, and it's got a bit of the same retro flare as Mrs. Flintstone. The pattern does seem to run a bit big though. I bought the larger size set, tried a muslin according to my measurements, cut a size smaller in the fashion fabric (the smallest size), but still ended up having to take in quite a bit at the sides.

Now, the strap issue. I loved the idea of keeping it strapless but the top folds too easily from the gather in the center (see last photo), even though it's reinforced with two layers of interfacing. Eliminating that gather ruins the neckline, so I had a momentary predicament then decided to make it a tuck-in-able halter.
It does really need more structure, so I think I'll end up adding boning at the side seams. I can't get the sort I like around here though, so that'll have to wait.

The absolute best thing about this dress is that I already had everything to make it lying around in a drawer. And the pattern cost $1. I tend to measure my successes in thrifty-ness, so HOORAY, this dress succeeded in a major way!


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