/thanks for cuddly animals


Nigel, one of the many people/animals/things I am thankful for today.

/commitment & commercials


I should begin by saying that I created this blog months ago, only to leave it empty and sad, likely sulking in its pathetic unused state. Initially, I came here with the intention to post things I find inspiring, things I've created; the standard blog schtick. For some reason, I've been ruling out recent finds not meeting my non-existent standard, resulting in a non-existent blog.

I now vow to post. In general.

Now that you must know, this commercial is what sparked my general urge to post:

Walt Whitman & Levi's; almost brings me to tears.

This now rivals gap's 'everybody in cords' from 1999 (starring Alex Greenwald, Rashida Jones, & a substitute teacher I once had for a week in 8th grade... I will admit I was a little star struck) for my #1 favorite commercial ever.

Consumerism/materialism/greedy intentions aside, I will admit that I'm a sucker for a good old fashioned commercial; carefully crafted to pull at your heartstrings & fondle your creative arts-loving bone (ew?).
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