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HOORAY! A week ago, my oldest sister got married! While I did have a grasp/responsibility on many of the weekend's details, the bachelorette party had totally slipped my mind until just about a week before.

I went right away to look at the usual places one goes to shop for lingerie, but the styles and prices did not impress.

Deflated after the unsuccessful mall trip, I thought, you know what is impressive? Ohhh Lulu lingerie!
I just wished I had thought about this with enough time to place an order, but thankfully Sarah has quite a repertoire of downloadable patterns in her shop!

With a little lingerie pattern help, this nightie went together super quickly and beautifully.

I used the Ohhh Lulu Bambi Soft Bra pattern on top and cut a quick skirt, using the band and hip measurements and a hip curve.
Lastly, I added grosgrain straps and a (pretty adorable) nightie was born!

For this one, I used leftover soy/organic cotton/spandex and organic cotton pointelle from Texture.
I discovered that the Bambi pattern is great for using up small bits of fabric that would otherwise go unused, making the Texture/Bambi union just perfect, as that's what Texture does on a daily basis! I'm looking forward to trying this patten in all sorts of scrap fabrics.

Texture is still running a 20% off promotion on all fabrics through today (June 30, 2013), so be sure to enter the coupon code fabric20 if you're interested in getting some of this eco-friendly softness for yourself!

/three-in-one dress


It's a dress from the front, and a tee and skirt from the back.

I made this one out of  a soy/organic cotton/spandex blend knit, which I received from Texture. It's suuuper soft and perfectly substantial. Many of the jerseys I've ordered/ gotten swatches of lately from various fabric sites have the too-thin issue, or the tissue issue. As cute as tissue tees can be, I don't want to layer tees in summer, thanks. (Or ever, really.)  This fabric is sturdy but has a nice drape. More on Texture's fabrics in this post if you missed it! (You can still get a 20% discount on all Texture fabrics through June 30, 2013 if you use the coupon code fabric20!)

BTW, this dress has absolutely NO hanger appeal, as the back of the skirts sags down in unfortunate manner when it's not on a body. I was scared to try it on after initially putting it together, but it worked! I really like how the blousing in front transitions into the free-hanging back. This thing has excellent temperature control.

About the photos: I am up late playing with Photoshop, and saved these over the originals! There is a point when non-Photoshop experts must stop. Sorry, it's getting a little weird up in here.

Just thought of this: I am regretting not making the bottom a skort... dress from the front, tee and SHORTS from the back. Any more ideas for hybrid garments?
Yep, it's getting weird. Time to go to bed.

/pointelle jammies


I'm on a pajama kick, and apparently on a Grainline patterns kick, too!
I've made a couple Archer variations, Maritime shorts (to come) and now another try at the Tiny Pocket Tank.

For the tank, I applied seersucker bias tape on the neck and armholes (FINALLY bought a bias tape maker... worth the $8, believe you me!). After trying it on with the shorts, I chopped the hem 5 1/2" at the front and curved it down to 2" at the center back. The front just grazes the top of the shorts' waistband.
Yep, I kept the darts while using this knit. Don't ask why, just call me crazy. 

The shorts are of the high-waisted tap pant variety, made with an unidentified short pattern that I have made about 10 variations of. Unfortunately, I traced this pattern onto kraft paper in college and never marked the thing!

I made this set with organic cotton pointelle given to me from Texture. I have seldom met a knit I didn't like, and this was no exception! It was really great to work with and has a really beautiful finish. It would be great for lingerie/pajamas (I also made my first pair of underwear with this!), layering tees, cardigans, baby clothes, etc., etc.

If you want to get your hands on this pointelle, Teresa of Texture is running a 20% discount on all of her fabrics through June 30, 2013. Use the coupon code fabric20!

/texture organic fabrics


AH, so glad it's Friday. AREN'T WE ALL?!
Really excited for Saturday though; I get to eat delicious food all day because it's my birthday.

Anyway, there are few things I enjoy more than good food and quality textiles, and today it's more of the latter.

A little more than a year ago, I stopped into an awesome local business, Texture Clothing. You can bet I was overjoyed as a fabric enthusiast when I found out they sold their fabric by the yard! There aren't too many good sources for good fabric locally, and this is great fabric. And it's organic and is from a sustainably-run small business. Couldn't lose.

One thing Teresa (Texture owner & awesome lady) does to practice sustainability is sell her organic fabric scraps. Since the garments are cut in the basement right below Texture's home store, she gets to decide if the extras get dumped in a landfill or not - and chooses not. I think that's cool.

Remember the knot pillow I made a while ago? It was put together entirely with scraps!

You can also purchase Texture fabric online or at the texture.home store in Bellingham, WA.
That's where I got the yardage for this black Renfrew tee.

You can buy these fabric online here, and Teresa is offering 20% off of fabric purchases!
Steal of a deal for awesome organic fabrics!
Just use the coupon code fabric20 before June 30, 2013.

I'll be showing you more things I've made with Texture fabrics soon, so be on the lookout!

You know I'll be celebrating.

/pajama time!


I had a pretty good feeling there would be more Archers after my first one,
A new pair of pajamas.
I do love a good 'ol pair of button-up PJs, and my long-sleeved button-up flannel nightshirt from j.crew was getting too warm this spring. Of course I'd wear it anyway and just wake up sweaty.
Time for a change.

I did make some changes from the original pattern so they'd look more like pajamas.

Here's what I did differently:

1. Changed the collar, eliminating the stand and curving the corners. This involved drafting a new collar and under collar. Sounds crazy, but was really no big deal.
2. Curved the top of the button plackets and finished them with small lengths of bias tape.
3. Eliminated the yoke piece. This involved a little adjustment when cutting to remove the pleat.
4. Modified the pocket. (obvi)
5. Added two inches to the bodice length.

If I'm being thorough with the obvious, I also:
6. Chopped off the sleeves.
7. Eliminated the top two buttons.


I also made shorts to match. By themselves they get a thrilling rating of 3, but
Since this is a set I'll give them an 8! Who doesn't love a PJ set, I mean really?

I've been wearing these like crazy and getting sufficient rest, so we shall call them good.
Sweet dreams, everybody!
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