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Last weekend, I ventured down South to Victoria, B.C. (Yep, it is South of where I live in the States.) Of course you can't go to Vancouver Island without visiting Butchart Gardens; which was previously a limestone quarry made into some of the most beautiful gardens in the world.

Thought I'd post just a few of my favorite blooms & spread some summer cheer!

/butterfly shorts


I'll start at the beginning.
The year was 1998. (I'm pretty sure of this.) I was starting up sewing lessons and given free reign over the entire fabric store to choose something appropriate for my first official class project, the drawstring bag. Naturally, I chose this periwinkle butterfly print twill; unabashedly 90's mall girl.

Of course, I couldn't stop there. I had to have this sweet print in each colour available so I went for the hot pink as well.

Fourteen years later, I made a pair of shorts.
Yes, when I wear these the first place my mind goes is the wall of butterfly hair clips at Claire's, but that's not necessarily a bad thing.

Wore them to do some gardening, because they needed a wash anyway. Who'd have thought there would be so many opportunities to wear pink butterfly shorts?
Wait. Obviously, my sixth-grade self.

/oh hey, summer!


There's a reason people say that summer in the PNW doesn't start until July 5th,
because it's completely true.
Thankfully, everyone's favorite season (except mine) arrived an entire day early this year and the 4th was pretty spectacular too!

Not only did the sun arrive, but I also get to make my first warmer weather knitting project - thanks to kollabora! I'm starting to really dig this site. I entered their first contest and won a kit to make a great sweater! Unsure of my knitting skills and endurance, I've been afraid to invest in enough yarn for a sweater forever. Free is a pretty good reason to take the dive, I think. Here's to hoping it turns out!

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