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 This winter, I've been laying back with some simple, useful projects that I've been wanting to put together for a while. There is a good amount of random yarn and not-so-random fabric in my sewing room, neglected and crying out to be used. So loudly. So, while I wait for clients' fabric and apron materials (SO MUCH WAITING!) to arrive, I'm slowly crossing things off that list.

Let's get this out of the way: I'm way into making pom poms. Check out this wreath I made a couple months ago! You can crank out hoards of poms while catching up on TV shows, and trimming them is almost as satisfying as shaping overgrown hedges. They're just fun. And they make make even the most plain hats happy and jaunty! Case in point: The Purl Bee's Classic Cuffed Hat

I bought this yarn (Cascade 220 wool in mystic purple) on sale a couple years ago, because the color was so irresistibly pretty- these photos don't do it justice! It needed a plain pattern to showcase the color, so I think this pairing worked. Obviously, the kicker was that it wouldn't be complete without a pom!

Here's the Ravelry project page if you're interested, I'd love it if you'd be my Ravelry bud!

Yeah, so I know my outfit can't make up its mind here- bare ankles and a winter hat? Spring-y stripes and a sweater knit (but cotton) sweatshirt? Such is the weather in northwest right now, which seriously cannot make up its mind. But I love a simple two-piece outfit just as much as crazy layering, so I think I live in the right temperate place!

How's everyone else coming along on their to-make lists? I've noticed a lot of new year, refreshed productivity with many of you sewing & knitting ladies. Totally inspiring. I'd better get back to it while I still have time!

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Hi guys, it's been a while! It seems like every time I'd sit down with the intention of putting a blog blurb together over the last couple months, there wasn't really that thing that would warrant an entire post. No super stunner sewing projects or especially exciting life changes to note. BUT, I recently realized that I totally did make stuff- but they were all gifts so out of sight and mind! I've corralled some photos I was able to snap before gifting, but unfortunately didn't end up getting photos of everything.

As soon as I got my cousin Sarah for our family gift exchange, I knew I wanted to sew her something special. She's a kindergarten teacher, so it had to be professional but wearable and easy to care for. Also something easy to fit, because I didn't want to ruin the surprise by asking for her measurements! I decided on the Grainline Scout tee, and it fitting and looking great. I totally regret not having any photos of her modelling! I had ordered a good amount of the coordinating poly challis (was skeptical about the poly, but it's beautiful and soft enough) specifically for her before deciding what to make, so I have some bonus yardage to play with!

For my brothers-in-law (there are two of them), I was about to buy ready made dopp kits when I realized how easy it would be to make them myself. Though I really didn't need to add to the list of Christmas stuff to do, they were fun to make and finished in no time. I even made little mesh pockets inside with fold over elastic that ended up looking pretty professional!

On the other side of the family, I drew the most coveted name... the only kid! He's two, and I got a tip from his mom that his favorite things are trains and doggies. He was SO excited to find this pup in his gift that he pretty much ignored the other store-bought stuff! The pattern is the Purl Soho Pup, which you can get for free by signing up for the Purl Soho newsletter- even if you're already on the list! I had never made a stuffed animal before, and this was really enjoyable with easy to follow instructions.

Not all of these were Christmas gifts. I made this pillow with scraps leftover from an emergency Thanksgiving napkin operation my sister had me undertake in 2013. Since she bought the fabric, I thought it'd be fun to make her a pillow with the scraps and to practice making a quilt square at the same time! It was the first real quilt square I'd made, with free indispensable instruction from Craftsy. This was the LeMoyne Star from the Block of the Month 2013 class. Now that I received an invisible zip foot for Christmas, I'm sure there will be many more pillow covers to come before I tackle a big quilt.

This hat is battling the puppy for cutest gift of the year... I think it's a draw. It's another iteration of the baby aviator, but this time in infant size and with a pom pom! It's seriously about the size of my hand (see Ravelry project page). Ahhh! I really can't get over the cuteness.

 So there's a bit of a look into what I've been up to, even though there are a few substantial things I never took photos of. I'd say a six-of-nine record on gifts is pretty excellent considering all the clothes I never blogged! Hoping to get to those in the next few months... and hoping I'm not the only one with this backlog problem!

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