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In anticipation of Lost's final season premiere, I give you The LOST Underground Art Show, a fantastic collection of (you guessed it) Lost-inspired art. Curators of the L.A. Gallery 1988 rounded up a bevy fantastic artists to bring their best likenesses of Jack, Hurley and most popularly Locke. There is, naturally, a recurring octagonal theme. My favorites were a set of ink drawings by Ken Garduno (seen at top) and the two super-cute paintings below by Lauren Gregg. Hurley noshing on a jar of Dharma ranch. Charlie (RIP) serenading an adorable fuzzy polar bear. It simply doesn't any better than that.

Although the show ended December 24th, I was never in L.A. anyhow and the internet is just as good a vessel for these pieces. There are dozens more at The LOST Underground Art Show blog!

Lauren Gregg "Hurley" acrylic on wood 10.75 x 13.75 inches

Lauren Gregg "Charlie" acrylic on wood 24 x 18 inches

/relentless periwinkle yarn


What seems like ages ago (2001?), I purchased multiple skeins of Caron Wintuk yarn in 'deep periwinkle'. 100% acyrlic, 100% terrifying. While the exact number of skeins purchased remains a mystery, I am sure that it was at least three too many.

I began work on a self-designed sweater (not a fantastic idea for a 2nd crochet project), which remains far from complete about 8 years later.

Last month I decided to pick up the hook for the first time since, this time teaching myself a wider variety of stitches. I used one skein of the Deep Periwinkle Wonder practicing different stitches, getting back into the swing of the craft.

While grateful I didn't need to buy practice project yarn, Deep Periwinkle Wonder refuses to disappear, and now strains my eyes much like a strobe-neon yellow.

Here's how I've used it so far (with plenty still in the yarn basket):

-patterns are linked below each photo-

project one: fun earflap hat

project two: flowered headband
crochet headband

project three: adorable elephant friend who keeps watch over my bookshelf
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