/pajama time!


I had a pretty good feeling there would be more Archers after my first one,
A new pair of pajamas.
I do love a good 'ol pair of button-up PJs, and my long-sleeved button-up flannel nightshirt from j.crew was getting too warm this spring. Of course I'd wear it anyway and just wake up sweaty.
Time for a change.

I did make some changes from the original pattern so they'd look more like pajamas.

Here's what I did differently:

1. Changed the collar, eliminating the stand and curving the corners. This involved drafting a new collar and under collar. Sounds crazy, but was really no big deal.
2. Curved the top of the button plackets and finished them with small lengths of bias tape.
3. Eliminated the yoke piece. This involved a little adjustment when cutting to remove the pleat.
4. Modified the pocket. (obvi)
5. Added two inches to the bodice length.

If I'm being thorough with the obvious, I also:
6. Chopped off the sleeves.
7. Eliminated the top two buttons.


I also made shorts to match. By themselves they get a thrilling rating of 3, but
Since this is a set I'll give them an 8! Who doesn't love a PJ set, I mean really?

I've been wearing these like crazy and getting sufficient rest, so we shall call them good.
Sweet dreams, everybody!

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