/three-in-one dress


It's a dress from the front, and a tee and skirt from the back.

I made this one out of  a soy/organic cotton/spandex blend knit, which I received from Texture. It's suuuper soft and perfectly substantial. Many of the jerseys I've ordered/ gotten swatches of lately from various fabric sites have the too-thin issue, or the tissue issue. As cute as tissue tees can be, I don't want to layer tees in summer, thanks. (Or ever, really.)  This fabric is sturdy but has a nice drape. More on Texture's fabrics in this post if you missed it! (You can still get a 20% discount on all Texture fabrics through June 30, 2013 if you use the coupon code fabric20!)

BTW, this dress has absolutely NO hanger appeal, as the back of the skirts sags down in unfortunate manner when it's not on a body. I was scared to try it on after initially putting it together, but it worked! I really like how the blousing in front transitions into the free-hanging back. This thing has excellent temperature control.

About the photos: I am up late playing with Photoshop, and saved these over the originals! There is a point when non-Photoshop experts must stop. Sorry, it's getting a little weird up in here.

Just thought of this: I am regretting not making the bottom a skort... dress from the front, tee and SHORTS from the back. Any more ideas for hybrid garments?
Yep, it's getting weird. Time to go to bed.

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