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Oh, I'm so excited to have sewn something for myself! I really couldn't have picked a better project than Grainline's Archer. The fit is perfectly relaxed (I can't stand fitted women's button-ups), and the pattern is so expertly done. Big time kudos to Jen.

Maybe too psyched about this shirt? Nope, impossible.

I was originally planning to make view A (plain back), because I'm not really a flouncy kind of gal. But as soon as this super soft, drapey cotton arrived, the decision was made for me. It was begging for the gathered tail. I think it hangs quite nicely, even if it's a little weird with this print.

Note: After applying that last link I realized that I used the exact same adjectives as Mood... ACCURACY!

Aside from that huge decision between views A & B, I made no alterations whatsoever!
Now for an Archer dress, short-sleeved Archer, plaid flannel Archer...

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