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AH, so glad it's Friday. AREN'T WE ALL?!
Really excited for Saturday though; I get to eat delicious food all day because it's my birthday.

Anyway, there are few things I enjoy more than good food and quality textiles, and today it's more of the latter.

A little more than a year ago, I stopped into an awesome local business, Texture Clothing. You can bet I was overjoyed as a fabric enthusiast when I found out they sold their fabric by the yard! There aren't too many good sources for good fabric locally, and this is great fabric. And it's organic and is from a sustainably-run small business. Couldn't lose.

One thing Teresa (Texture owner & awesome lady) does to practice sustainability is sell her organic fabric scraps. Since the garments are cut in the basement right below Texture's home store, she gets to decide if the extras get dumped in a landfill or not - and chooses not. I think that's cool.

Remember the knot pillow I made a while ago? It was put together entirely with scraps!

You can also purchase Texture fabric online or at the texture.home store in Bellingham, WA.
That's where I got the yardage for this black Renfrew tee.

You can buy these fabric online here, and Teresa is offering 20% off of fabric purchases!
Steal of a deal for awesome organic fabrics!
Just use the coupon code fabric20 before June 30, 2013.

I'll be showing you more things I've made with Texture fabrics soon, so be on the lookout!

You know I'll be celebrating.

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