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So, this post comes a little late considering I finished this set over a month and a half ago, but AH I was so busy then! The day before my sister's bachelorette "spajama party" (yeah, it was as good as it sounds), I decided to throw together the Jane pajama set from BurdaStyle with an awesome 60% silk/40% cotton blend. I figured if I'm going to go through the trouble, they'd better be at least slightly silky & luxurious. I sure was not going to wear a gross old tee and shorts (my normal nighttime attire) for massages, champagne, manicure & slumber at the gorgeous Chrysalis hotel, no way no how!

good for loungin', too.

 I was really glad about the top's versatility! I wore it with cropped black yoga pants during the spa treatments, threw on a high-waisted black pencil skirt & belt to go out for dinner, and into the matching shorts for sleepy time! I'll probably end up mostly wearing the top out and about, because my wardrobe is at a definite loss for dressy tanks.

The only pattern note I have about Jane is that I had to sew elastic into the upper back- it was poofing out like craaaazy. Uncool. I also utilized the rolled hem function on my serger for the first time on both pieces, and that was nothing short of glorious.

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