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I finished my first entirely knit dress! And BONUS: in time to enter in the contest it was intended for! From two dearly loved sweatshirts and one unidentified garment (last post), I now have a very comfy dress.

The pattern is adapted from one I made Junior year of college, but in that case the 'shrug' pieces were hand painted twill (not a knit). There also wasn't a giant waistband, and I remember a crazy serger mishap that sent the hemline into dangerous territory. Needless to say, I never wore that version.

sketch. I thought I'd have to use scraps once I got to the bodice (hence the stripes), but ended up being able to use the hood for the main bodice piece. I like the simpler look.
final product. After basting the original pleats, I switched them up to be a little more dramatic.

I decided to partially keep the pockets for detail on the back. I applied twill tape to the shoulder seams & back of neck, front neckline and sleeve edges.

I usually can't handle a v-shape in this area, but I acquiesced to the limitations on fabric. Goober.

        ...BUT I like the side seams! They echo the v-shape toward the front and help it not to look like a mistake.                       The back skirt panels used to be very worn-in sweatshirt sleeves. As you can see, the elbow area ended up hitting right underneath my butt. Cute.

This new and improved version is destined to be well-loved. I'm really starting to enjoy refashioning!


  1. is this for the project runway challenge? What is the black band in the middle?

  2. yep! the black band is actually a dark grey- it was this weird top thing that was sent (without my consent) with an American Apparel order a loooong time ago. Rectangle with side seams, stopping for arm holes and an unfinished cut for your head. What's scary is I think they were actually selling them at one point.

  3. well either way you should totally win. I am REALLY impressed.


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