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Hooray for contests! I've recently decided to enter BurdaStyle's Project Runway Remake Challenge. The point of the whole thing is to carry out this season's first challenge on Project Runway, but instead of four hours (yeah right), entrants have two whole weeks to put together their garments! If you haven't been watching this season, the challenge was to re-create an existing garment into something completely new. I chose these two zippies from my sweatshirt graveyard and some crazy piece of knit that came (free? as a mistake?) with an American Apparel order a very long time ago. I think it was supposed to be a top?

the poor, old & defunct sweatshirts

then, a song about laundry! not literally.

urban outfitters, 2006. doomed by a jammed zipper.

gap, 2001. ribbed cuffs last seen circa 2005.


The Blues are Still Blue - Belle & Sebastian


 this is alex (she knows a thing or two about laundering her blues).

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