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In Seattle, Labor Day weekend means one thing for people who like music: Bumbershoot. Unfortunately I'm not usually in Seattle then, but this year I was able to make to the festival it for one day! We had a nice leisurely schedule and were able to fit in Horse Feathers, Hey Marseilles, David Bazan, Hole and Weezer. And the last bit of Rise Against's set, but that left me frightened. Altogether, it was a fine musical adventure/spectacle (and I think we all know which band was the spectacle). Courtney Love (or Clo, as whoever runs this amazing site calls her) was everything we could have asked for. As for Weezer, I can't admit to liking much of their newer stuff, but they bring back some good memories from about 4th through 10th grades. It was about TIME I saw them, and sooooooo super wonderful! In that nostalgic spirit, I present to you Weezer's song about clothes, Undone (The Sweater Song).


While you're listening and have got nothing else to do, here's my new top! It's my first try at a vintage pattern or reissue (in this case, a 1940's reissue). Simplicity 3688, to be exact. While I like retro inspired looks, that's about it. I'd rather not look like I came straight out of the past, so I made this one with a gauzy printed cotton lawn instead of something silky and shiny. I love the weight of the fabric, and the vibrant colours of the flowers on the camel backround.

I cut and finished the pattern pieces for heading (little ruffles sewn into the shoulder seams that act as subtle shoulder pads), but I decided against them in the end.

The back has got a cute little keyhole & pink button. Other than that there were no closures to deal with, so it was super fun and easy to put this together!

Cutting mistake. I should really know better :(

The pants are definitely next on my list from this pattern. A woolen tweed or herringbone will be SO GOOD for fall!

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