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So, it was this past New Year's day that I sat in front of YouTube and learned how to knit (sort of), but haven't really done much about it. I believe it was in February that I decided on knitting a turban, consulted the yarn lady for needle size conversions, appropriate yarn and got knitting.

I finished a couple weeks ago.

I now understand why knitters always gripe about 'second sock syndrome', half-finished sweaters, etc. etc.
This turban is knit in two pieces; a cap and band.
Once I finished with the cap, I completely checked out from this project for the Spring & Summer.

original leaflet, from the V&A site

I used this 1940's pattern released again by the V&A entitled Knit Yourself a Turban. Knitters can choose the stocking stitch (as I did) or the moss stitch.  Here's my ravelry page for this project.

Until next time!


  1. rockin'! This turned out real swell.

  2. your turban looks so warm, lovely!

  3. This is so amazing! And it's only the second thing you've knitted? Great job, it looks awesome!

  4. This looks awesome! You picked a great color-- I never feel like I have a good face/head shape for hats, but this one I may have to try. Thanks for sharing the pattern!

  5. thanks everybody! wearing it all the time- highly recommended!


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