/oh hey, summer!


There's a reason people say that summer in the PNW doesn't start until July 5th,
because it's completely true.
Thankfully, everyone's favorite season (except mine) arrived an entire day early this year and the 4th was pretty spectacular too!

Not only did the sun arrive, but I also get to make my first warmer weather knitting project - thanks to kollabora! I'm starting to really dig this site. I entered their first contest and won a kit to make a great sweater! Unsure of my knitting skills and endurance, I've been afraid to invest in enough yarn for a sweater forever. Free is a pretty good reason to take the dive, I think. Here's to hoping it turns out!


  1. Ooh that is a great sweater, congrats! Can't wait to see how it turns out, looking really good so far

    1. Thanks! There's still plenty of room for me to screw something up... thankfully it's a super simple stitch pattern!


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