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It's that time of year again...

I bought a new machine! A Bernina 215.
(Only because this post was a year ago... not because I really get a new machine every year. Promise.)

They refer to this one as a "sewing computer" in the manual- an important differentiation for me because I've never owned a computerized machine. I've actually spent a lot energy avoiding them.

I gave in because this machine is super sturdy, well made and has everything I need, nothing I don't.  It was the most basic Bernina the store carried, which automatically make it the most appealing to me. I was amused as the saleswoman tried to coerce me into the machine that "has the most amazing embroidery software you've ever seen!" (read: many K more than this humble model). I just let her know nicely that, "I would honestly never use that once." I think that was the first time she'd heard those words, and I sensed her confusion.

In a little over a week, I've hemmed three pairs of jeans, two pairs of trousers, one dress and altered another dress and a shirt. It stitches beautifully and I'm loving the feature I thought might annoy me, needle up/down.  It's also just the right size for my sewing table.

Aww, aren't these two just so cute together?

I'm thinking about a coverstitch & chainstitch machine next, does anyone have experience with one?

One more thing! I can't forget to mention that last weekend my good friend took a bunch of us to a trapeze class for her birthday. A TRAPEZE CLASS. We did this move (below), and flips and catches like pros. It was so much fun! Try it it you ever get the chance.
Here I am, flying in my StyleMint Fillmore tee that I wear three days a week (slight, not gross exaggeration). I am also sporting a skin belt, which is not a style recommendation.


  1. Lovely machines... I have a Pfaff sewing machine that I've long-term borrowed from my Mom. It does a zillion stitches... I only ever zigzag and straight stitch. It's a beautiful machine that never gets used to it's full potential! So, I totally agree - get what you need!

    I really like my computerized machine though - 1 word of warning. Last winter I was cleaning it and not realizing, turned down the contrast on the digital screen. I freaked out, thinking I had broken the screen. I cried and threw a tantrum... I turned it off, turned it on, unplugged it, I tried everything... then I noticed a small dial below the screen... I scrolled it and "Voila!" It worked again :D

  2. Oh my goodness, that is SO good to know about the screen, Sarah! I am ok with messing with the mechanics of machines, but still scared of the computer part. I sound like an old woman, but I'll just have to get used to it!

  3. Nice machines! I think the funniest part about the computerized Berninas is that they tell you when you need to oil the machine like a car! It cracks me up every 180,000 stitches when the oil light goes on. I also want a coverstitch machine SOOOO bad, but every one I find is really expensive. If you find any good research on them, let me know!


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