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Today I was listening to a little Dolly, when the song “Coat of Many Colors” came on. AH! This is a truly beautiful song, one of those that makes me shed a single tear pretty much every listen. Yeah, I’m a sap like that. That voice, with her solid storytelling lyricism and heel-tappin’ rhythm… it’ll get you!  It definitely brings to mind some of the reasons I went into fashion in the first place; it’s so beautiful, personal, sentimental and expressive, rooted in who you are and where you came from. Well, everyone knows Dolly gets fashion. I mean, pretty much everything in her wardrobe has to be custom made (that chest:waist is not industry standard, people) so it’s obvious she’s got the personal and expressive elements down, at least. ;)


Anyway, “Coat of Many Colors” got me thinking. I knew there had to be more songs with the same sentimentality in my library that I was forgetting, and went on a mission to find every one! In the end, there were plenty of  songs that had a connection to clothes, however vague those connections were. I'll get around to posting each of them eventually! I'm trying to get into sewing mode to finish a ton of half done & fully dreamt up projects, so now I have the perfect new soundtrack. Go!

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