/five ingredients to golden-baked goodness!


Okay, so I love to browse food blogs. No big surprise there, it's widely known that I have extra warm fuzzies for food, especially of the baked variety. The problem is, that pretty much everything that looks jaw-droppingly tasty (not hard with those faaancy cameras every blogger on Earth seems to have) requires a trip to the store for some super special & delicious ingredient, which just sours my mood. My cooking and/or baking mood. Not cool.

Today I came upon a recipe unlike most; just the idea of it made my mouth water, let alone Joy the Baker's impeccable photo-accompanied instructions and amazing video. And I didn't have to make a trip to the store. FIVE ingredients! The recipe... soft pretzels from Gourmet magazine (RIP).

Soft pretzels and Gap tie for my most fond memory of the mall in middle school, so how could I resist? I couldn't, I just couldn't. The end result was soooooo GOOD. Go forth and make pretzels!

post-boiled, pre-baked. lots of steps for these guys, but well worth it! these were topped with sea salt, sesame seeds & parmesan. parmesan was my favorite mall pretzel ever.

golden deliciousness. make sure to use parchment paper though! I really didn't want to go to the store.

eaten pretzel #2. it went well.

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