So, I usually try to make a point of not talking about projects I have started but might never (ever)  finish.
That's just embarrassing, right?

I must have extraordinary faith in my ability to finish this cotton lace top, because here it is; very unfinished and on the interwebs. This because I'm having a needy, insecure teenage-girl TELL ME I LOOK GOOD moment regarding its colour. The whole thing will be garment-dyed either pearl grey or tangerine, but I just can't decide which one! Cannot.

I'm leaning toward the grey because I really want to get red pants this season, but is that really going to happen? The tangerine would be kind of amazing, not to mention wearable with all the jeans that I already have. 

Aspire to ownership of red pants, or be practical? As I said- quandary.


  1. practicality is overrated. grey, red pants!!!

  2. I vote tangerine.... and wear it with red pants anyway.

  3. I love that you think the tangerine is the more practical! LOVE LOVE LOVE that! So inspiring to, the grey would be my practical choice. AAAANNNDD also LOVE the red J.Crew pants! My favorite brand!

  4. update: the top has been finished for more than a week now, more coming soon! :)


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