/organza twisty tank


One project I've actually taken photos of!
It's a tank, and the pattern is Cynthia Rowley 2593 from Simplicity.

The top was originally made because I always need something new to wear to weddings. I'm told I attend a disproportionate amount. I wore it with a mustard silk skirt, which seemed alright at the time, but looking back wasn't the greatest. (I'll spare you.)

I much prefer it with these denim cut-offs. And you know I don't buy my cut-offs already cut off. Just sayin'.
It might do well with my Seafarers, too.

The great thing about this nubby organza is that you don't have to iron it! In fact, every time I've worn it, I've have bunched and rolled and squeezed it to get it looking just right. As much as I love using my steam iron, that love really only extends to use while sewing.
The annoying thing about this nubby organza is that you have to wear something under it. Oh well.

 I only had to fudge one thing on this top, which was sacrificing cutting the neckline strip on the bias. Very little yardage.Thankfully, the fabric has a pretty loose weave so it ended up twisting alright. The pattern fit well (how could it not? it's pretty tent-y & long) and turned out just like I'd imagined, so I have no complaints- just questions about what to wear it with to still look fancy!


  1. This is so lovely! I think it would look great with tapered pants and flats? I really want to see this mustard skirt of yours, too.

  2. Ooooo I love the twisty neck! That looks really really fancy. And what sort of fabric is that? The colour is really lovely, also.

  3. @Jaimielee: LOVE that idea! might do that for self-stitched September, that is if I can actually get myself to do it!

    @Lily: Thanks! I like to think I can be fancy sometimes. I can only guess what the fabric is, but it seems to be in between an organza and a dupioni. nice to work with, and fancy!


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