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So, I just finished the most recent episode of Mad Men, and no- I'm not here to post 36 screencaps of great (but over-blogged) costumes. I just found these awesome Mad Med inspired Barbies! They might not be garden-fresh news, but are still marked "new" on FAO Schwarz's website, so I can't be all that late to the party. I love their faces! Just like my mom's old Barbies I used to play with.

Betty. The bubble skirt looks odd to me, even though it was popular in the 50's & 60's. Her hair is kind of amazing though.

Joan is perfect, right down to her signature pen necklace (which I've been meaning to order for at least a year now...oops). Maybe could have used some brighter pumps & a bag with more character, but I'm no doll designer.

One question: Where's Peggy?! She's way more deserving of a Barbie than Betty (Betty.....meh), but at $80 each I probably won't be getting one anyway. Unless it's Joan for Christmas. That sounds reasonable.

On another note, my sweatshirt dress design was chosen as one of the top 50 in the Project Runway/Rowenta Remake Challenge! If you feel so compelled and are a BurdaStyle member, I would love your vote - mine is #44. Any way it goes, I hope they do more contests in the future. It really compelled me to get something done fast and be creative!


  1. Hi Emily!
    Yup, I think treacle is quite similar to molasses - thick, dark and very rich. Golden syrup is the lighter version of treacle.

    Thanks for checking out my blog! Your sweatshirt dress is lovely, I'm off to vote for you now :)

  2. Those Barbies are incredible! Serious burn to Peggy, especially since they allow her to dress so cute now too...maybe in the future!

    and again that dress is awesome.

  3. This is the 3rd time I try to comment! My iphone hates blogger apparently... Anyway, this dress is amazing! I'm going over to Burda to vote for you right now :)

  4. Oh me too.. I tried to comment earlier... anyway where IS the peggy doll? Maybe they are just trying to go with the sexist motif of the whole show.... I do love Barbies though....

  5. Also, I voted for your dress, but did you see how many votes some of the ugly ones are getting? I sometimes wonder about these competitions.

  6. thanks everybody! yeah, voting odds don't look too hot for me but I'm glad to have put my proverbial hat in the ring, haha. I'm wondering about the votes too, renee (though there are definitely ones better than mine!)... just not too impressed with a lot of them. I'm that person who could rant for days about anything, though. it's probably just my good-ironless, steamerless, moneyless rage rearing its ugly head. :)

  7. beautiful! i love your sweatshirt dress. i like the idea of recycling old cloths! this is great inspiration! :)


    p.s.:thank you for leaving that nice comment on my blog!


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