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While making myself a pair of granny square slippers last winter, I discovered the many charms of the granny square; quick, colourful & all around adorable. I've been hooked ever since (pun definitely intended).

So, I have FINALLY finished a project that's been going for a couple of months... behold, the granny snood! After seeing this on the Paul Smith Women's Fall 2010 runway I could not resist creating my own version.

I certainly can't flatter myself and call mine a copy of Paul Smith's, but rather greatly inspired by it. Since granny squares have so many holes that don't lend to warmth anyway, I used 100% cotton yarn & a mix of super vibrant and darker colours to make mine more suited to spring & summer.

I am completely obsessed with a snood I've had for a few years, but it's wool and way too warm for the hotter months. Now I can wear snoods alllllll year long! (Having just a few more couldn't hurt, though...)

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