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I've got to spill the beans about this cake, which is the most fabulously easy and adorable dessert I've made in a while. I mean, it's a cake baked and served in a pie pan, and it definitely counts strawberry shortcake as a close relative (must be enjoyed with vanilla ice cream or whipped cream!) - what's not to love?

The batter is super easy, and is topped with gorgeous strawberries & sparkly sugar!

Out of the oven, the strawberries peek out the top & seep into the cake... so good.
It certainly gets my award for the most adorable cake involving the least amount of work.

I've also recently had some super fun weekends! Scottish twee hotshots Camera Obscura decided to skip Seattle and play in my little city for 1/2 the cover, which had been filling me with glee for months! They were altogether lovely, super, wonderous, etc. (As were their openers, Princeton).

This weekend, I enjoyed an awesome time in Seattle, including a great ball game with great friends (and will again this week! lucky me!). Although it was a loss for the M's, it was at least action-packed and we sat by some really entertaining chaps. I suppose it would take some pretty extreme circumstances for me not to enjoy attending a Mariner's game, because I can always count on two things to get me through even the most terrible of losses: hot dogs and beer.

...and of course the pretty grass!

brunch with lovely friends always ends a weekend right.

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