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Well, hello!
It's a new year, but I am far from being caught up on the blog with all of my finished projects from 2012. For shame.
I'm continuing to knit, but have little to show for it- both of these hats were gifts.

I've also finished one sock and am about halfway done with a really pretty cowl and yes, I know that's a terrible story. (And a terrible run-on sentence.)

I made this hat for a handmade Christmas exchange party my friend Lauren hosted. I was pretty excited when it became the only gift to reach the steal limit. :) I momentarily considered stealing it too, but think that would have been against the rules.

Anyway if you want to practice cables, this pattern is the perfect way to do it!

Oh, I love this hat, and hope I get to make another for myself SOON!
This one was for my uncle, who is a fisherman. It suits him very well!
The pattern is Declan's Hat by Samantha Kirby.

Wait. I just realized I'm using the brown yarn I had wanted use for this hat on my cowl.

Good thing I also bought this yarn in black!
And burnt orange!

I think this is becoming a problem...

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