/neverending mending


For the last year six months or so I've started getting more and more mending/alterations/special request sewing jobs. A little more money is a great thing, but I must say it's a major buzzkill for any other sewing projects I have going. 

Once again, my navy pleated pants have fallen victim to my unwillingness to marathon sew. Besides, I can't decide whether to use gold or silver buttons on them and who knows how long that will take!  I've got a bajillion other projects (with deadlines! Christmas!) lined up, but after doing a bit of mending I just want to play with (/eat)  food!

So, here's what I made & what I am currently sippin' on. All recommended for being tasty.

 wild mushroom risotto, baby spinach with me-made blue cheese dressing

Evidence I've recently been to the Co-Op: my favorite soda on the planet.

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  1. That risotto looks insanely delicious. I totally hear you about the list of things piling up, you'll tackle it all! I vote gold buttons, but what do you care ;P


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