/new shorts!


Last Spring, I had a "give me the rest of the bolt" moment regarding some lightweight stretch denim at JoAnn in Ballard. This time it was a good move, although especially risky at JoAnn (ugh).

Many good things have come from this denim; two dresses, a mini-backpack, a vest, a crochet hook roll and now... a fancy new pair of high-waisted SHORTS!

Starting with a low-waist, zip-fly pant pattern, I re-drafted the entire shape according to my design, using my measurements. Lastly, I drafted the waistband and patch pockets, cut them out, sewed them up, et voi-la! 

 oh, how I love to topstitch!
 the front pockets are lined with fabric from the prettiest old pillowcases (an abstract purple & blue floral)

The first time these were officially finished, I put them on, pulled up the zip... and with it came the slider. BOO. A very disheartening moment, I'll have you know. Another trip to the store for a replacement zip obviously enticed me to buy much miscellany for future projects, of course- so it all worked out for the better!

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